Past Projects

Past projects act as a window into Northwest Seaport’s programs, partners and presentations.  Click on a link and learn more about the historic floating fleet, stewardship activities and maritime heritage programs involving many communities.

2010 Arthur Foss was one of 25 historic sites selected to compete for Partners in Preservation funding
2010 Arthur Foss Ironbark Project
2009 Arthur Foss Cylinder #4 Rebuild
2009 Preparing the Wawona for Her Final Voyage
2008 Wawona Documentation with East Carolina University
2008 Duwamish Partnership Air Compressor Rebuild
2008 Lightship No. 83 Preliminary Engineering Assessment
2007 Arthur Foss Bearing Rebuild
2007 Recommendations for Historic Vessels at Lake Union Park
2007 Arthur Foss Haul-Out & Hull Survey Workshop
2007 Arthur Foss as Pilot Shipyard Project
2007 Galley Program Pilot
2007 Tugboating on Puget Sound: New Interpretation for the Arthur Foss
2006 Arthur Foss Fuel Injector Rebuild
2005 Wawona Summit
2005 Arthur Foss Valve & Valve Cage rebuild
2005 Arthur Foss Ten-Year Engine Restoration Plan & Diesel Engine Theory Workshop