Engineers for a Day

Engineers for a Day

Doing, Seeing, Feeling
Discover how you experience Northwest Seaport, for our place is active both aboard ships and ashore.

The vessels provide a platform for learning, teaching, service and stewardship.
At the Historic Ships Wharf in Lake Union Park, visitors embark on personal voyages of exploration into workboat culture, history, and heritage preservation. Plan your visit or impromptu wharf tour by viewing upcoming events, open museum ship hours, programs and workshop opportunities. For example, families may enjoy bi-monthly Tugboat Story Time to introduce youngsters to Lake Union’s maritime environment.

Northwest Seaport pioneers experiential public programming and vessel documentation at the Historic Ships Wharf through creative programs, courses and research.
Ships are also transformational environments, and job skills programs change lives. Believing in the capacity to make dramatic impact in the lives of program participants, NWS staff create programming which also breathes life into NWS ships.

Restoration work made public engages people, who are often astounded to see the inner-working of these historic industrial representatives.
Northwest Seaport meets the challenges of vessel stewardship, and by leveraging available resources NWS completed major ship restoration projects, such as Phase I of the lightship No.83 Swiftsure restoration which removed asbestos-bearing material, stabilized the overhead rigging and service the ship’s electrical and plumbing systems.

Partnership with The Center for Wooden Boats increases our organizations’ ability to serve up exciting programs benefiting the public.  View the 2014 Northwest Seaport Page CWB 2014 Program Guide  (PDF).