Tugboat Overnight Experience Program

Foredeck Arthur Foss Christian RiddellSpend the night aboard a historic tugboat!

Experience a night aboard the 1889 tugboat Arthur Foss and learn about life as a “tow boater.” Docked at South Lake Union, the tug has excellent views over the lake and the heart of Seattle. Whether staying one night for an authentic Seattle maritime experience or living aboard during a workshop class, the Arthur Foss provides both accommodations and a slice of Puget Sound maritime history.

Galley family Arthur Foss Christian RiddellParticipants receive an orientation and tour from engine room to wheelhouse and may take advantage of standard tugboat crew amenities, including flush toilets, hot showers, fresh/new bed linens and amazing local views. Plan on bringing meals (or eating out), an extra blanket and other overnight necessities.

Overnighting aboard Arthur Foss is dramatic way to learn about her classic American story, neighboring historic vessels, Lake Union’s cool environment and modern Seattle…all just over her gunwale.  B&B? Well, we like to say “B & E.” Berth and Education. BYOBreakfast or secure it ashore at MOHAI Café (opens at 1000) or farther afield.

Captain's Cabin Arthur Foss

Captain’s Cabin Arthur Foss

Choose between crew (two bunks per room) and officer berths (single bed with desk).

Crew bunks: $45 each per night

Officers’ Cabins: $75 per night

Full boat rental (all 9 bunks): $495 per night

Discounts: 25% off for Northwest Seaport members that have been members for over one year. New program guests are welcome to join Northwest Seaport for free.

Daytime and Evening Rental of the Tug:  Planning an event, such as a birthday party, family reunion or informal business meeting? Arthur Foss is a great place to gather with your guests.

Daytime rate is $99 per hour (two hour minimum)

Evening rental is $295 for the whole evening.

Dates: May 15th to October 1st, 2016. Some blackout dates apply including July 2-4.
Registrations: Use Contact Form to inquire.  (photos by Christian Riddell)

Tugboat Arthur Foss at Historic Ships Wharf Christian Riddell

Crew Cabin, three of these double bunked cabins aboard Arthur Foss

Crew Cabin, three of these double bunked cabins aboard Arthur Foss

Engineers Cabin Arthur Foss

Engineers Cabin Arthur Foss

Mates Cabin Arthur Foss

Mates Cabin Arthur Foss

Mess Dining Arthur Foss

Mess Dining Arthur FossTugboat Boy Aboard Arthur Foss Christian Riddell