Past Portolan Issues

The Portolan is the Northwest Seaport’s newsletter of current and past events. It is now published online in the form of a blog.

p o r t – o – l a n: An archaic navigational map based on realistic descriptions of coasts, waterways, and bays; from the Italian word portolano, meaning “related to ports or harbors.”

Past hardcopy issues

Spring 2016

Portolan March 2016 PDF


  • The 1911 halibut schooner Tordenskjold
  • Arthur Foss scheduled for drydocking
  • Vessel Master Plans
  • Major Grant for Lightship Deck Replacement




Spring 2010
Portolan Spring 2010 PDF


Partnering in Preservation Help NWS win money to haul-out the Arthur Foss!
  • On Tour With Wawona Nathaniel Howe reports on a whirlwind conference circuit
Rehabilitation Begins on the Lightship No. 83 – meet the project manager

Autumn 2009
Portolan Autumn 2009 PDF

Portolan Autumn Issue

Anchoring Youth & Adults in Seattle The Anchor Program comes to the Northwest
Summer Aboard the Arthur Foss NWS’s intern works with kids and collections
Fun at the Wooden Boat Festival – Photos of a great Lake Union tradition

Summer 2009
Portolan Summer 2009 PDF

Portolan Summer 2009 Issue

  • Final Voyage of the Schooner Wawona Seattle bids farewell to an icon
Students Become ‘Engineer for a Day’ The Ballard Maritime Academy steps aboard the
  • Lead Sea Chanteys by the Lake Shore – Sing history with Northwest Seaport, every month of the year