Sponsors and Partners

Northwest Seaport crew wishes to thank everyone, especially our volunteers, members, sponsors, partners, contractors and visitors and their families who have positively contributed to the Seaport’s activities.


Western Tugboat Company's tug "Flyer" providing support to Lightship No. 83 "Swiftsure" (Photo Linda Evans)

Western Tugboat Company’s tug “WASP” providing support to Lightship No. 83 “Swiftsure” (Photo Linda Evans)

Northwest Seaport also thanks the following for their generous support:

Photographers Supporting Northwest Seaport:

Contact: Otto Loggers, Executive Director, info@nwseaport.org regarding corporate donations and events.

Northwest Seaport is honored to work with the following organizations in pursuit of common goals:

Northwest Seaport is a non-profit organization that keeps afloat because of such support, sponsorships, partnerships and donations. If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to Northwest Seaport and/or sponsor events, please contact us.  Becoming a Northwest Seaport Member is another way businesses and others demonstrate their support.

NWS Membership

Thank you for your support!