Volunteers Jam at Work Parties

Shipwright Brian Johnson with volunteersOver the past month, volunteers attending scheduled work parties aboard the historic tugboat Arthur Foss have made vital contributions to deck and engineroom projects.

Shipwright Brian Johnson (pictured in brown overalls) and Engineer Adrian Lipp have lead work parties on the deck and in the engineroom keeping both spaces hopping with activity.

Corking of the tug’s deck continues, and volunteer work parties charge forward in preparing the oakum which will be set between the deck planking.   John Hastings and Nathan Miller in Engine RoomWork party volunteers also cleaned the engineroom after the recent engine startups. When 3000 people walk through the vessel, the engine room grating acts like a house welcome mat, loosing up sand under people’s footwear.  The sand and grit drops right into it.

Work party participants also performed general cleanup and painting touch-ups on the main engine.  They repaired a clean-out cover on the exhaust manifold, found a spare cover and made gasgets for the preplacement efforts. A snifter pressure release valve was also rebuilt by high school student and Sea Scout, Nathan Miller.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the lunch which Northwest Seaport provided.

Teaching is central to preservation. Northwest Seaport is dedicated to the preservation and interpretation of maritime heritage in this region and strives to preserve both its historic vessels as well as the knowledge and skills to maintain them. Most restoration work at Northwest Seaport is done as a class or workshop, teaching the traditional skills of woodworking, rigging, engine repair and other maritime trades. Students young and old, in vocational training or just curious about working on boats regularly attend Northwest Seaport programs aboard its vessels.  Click Volunteer  and Events to find out more about work parties, docents and other opportunities.

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