Wooden Boat Dan Interview with Nathaniel Howe

Nathaniel Howe aboard tug Arthur Foss. Photo: Wooden Boat DanNathaniel Howe is Vessel Manager and Nautical Archeologist with Northwest Seaport. Reposted blog by Wooden Boat Dan, January 2013Play Podcast in new window and get the full scoop. (Dec 7, 2012 45 minute interview begins at 11:15)

Nat grew up in Seattle and as a young kid was building boat models out of milk cartons, wood, and assorted other materials he could scrounge up.  His parents and grandparents owned (and still own) anAllied Seawind 30’ which the family used to explore the Inside Passage around Vancouver Island and the San Juan Islands.   When Nate was 10 years old he discovered the 1897 three masted 165′ schooner Wawona on Lake Union in Seattle.  He fell in love with her and at age 11 built  a 5’ model of Wawona.  He also built a radio controlled model of the Arthur Foss tug after discovering that historic vessel in Seattle.

Nat attended Beloit College in WI to get his undergraduate degree in Museology.   During his college program, he spent one semester at Williams College studying at Mystic Seaport Museum and living on the grounds.  Besides learning about sea shantys and celestial navigation he gained valuable knowledge about museums and historic vessels.

After college Nat was awarded the highly coveted Fulbright Grant to study at the Vasa Museum in Sweden –regarded by many as the premier maritime museum in the world.  On display is the Swedish Gallion Vasa – built in 1628 as a double gun deck war boat.  She sank 15 minutes into maiden voyage.

Nat loves his current position as the  vessel manager at Northwest Seaport in Seattle, WA.  The Seaport’s mission is the: “……preservation and interpretation of maritime heritage of Puget Sound and the Northwest Coast, and the development of maritime-based educational programs and opportunities for the community.”

Interview details by Wooden Boat Dan.

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